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Another excellent song 02/08/07
Skid-Slop-Chang has been unleashed.

Three new awesome songs 01/20/07
Three new magnificent songs. Jenny, Mr. Controversy, and Life in the Fast Lane.

Bird Blogs Return 01/16/07
The previously forsaken Bird Blogs have now returned, both with several posts. The longevity of their return is unknown, but for now, you best be checkin' 'em out.
Psycho Bird Zone
Bird...Or No Deal?

New Editorial by ME 11/10/06
New editorial by myself, detailing the greatest lawyer ever known.

New song; Myspace page; WGB 10/30/06
A new song has been uploaded, and itís a cover of ďLord Lift Us Up Where We BelongĒ by me. It premiered on our Myspace page (located at http://www.myspace.com/devastationstudios), but now itís here. And if you were wondering why we havenít been updating much, itís because weíre working on an animated movie based on the stories of the Anti-Quasar Coalition Ė though much improved and expanded upon - and it is currently going under the code name "What'cha Got in the Bag?". Weíve done the script and storyboard, and weíre trying to finish up a trailer, hopefully itíll be done in a few weeks. You can be sure that when itís done, itíll show up here in all its glory. We intend to work on the final animation a good deal over the holidays; it should be ready sometime in 2007.

More awesome music 06/21/06
DevNet is proud to introduce three new ass-kicking tracks for you. First, there's I am very proud of myself, followed by Polaski and the first addition to the Misc. section in some time, Eat the Knife. You best go and enjoy these awesome songs RIGHT NOW.

World Dance 06/09/06
We here at DevNet are now releasing a outstanding new dance mix, titled World Dance. LET'S ALL DANCE! Also, I just want to remind everybody that DevNet can be accessed via http://www.devastationstudios.com.

DevNet Reborn 05/04/06
Obviously DevNet is being overhauled. Along with this new format, I have released my Ninja Worm Script. Check it out.

Captain Planet 03/25/06
THE POWER IS YOURS is now available to the public. It is a magnificent religion dedicated to Captain Planet. You can not miss it.

Music 03/24/06
Two new songs: Yeah Yeah, and a collaboration with Whitesnake - Is This Love in the CD section .

Bird Blogs 02/22/06
DevNet has recently learned about two incredible Bird Blogs. Both blogs are incredible, you should give them both a look - their authors know what they're talking about.
Psycho Bird Zone

Bird... Or No Deal?

Best Rap Song Ever 11/05/05
'Nother sweet new song:Who Need Da Police in the CD section as usual.

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